First Blog Post!

First Blog Post!

So, welcome!

Since this is the first post, we thought it would be a good Idea to tell you a little bit about AnthonyDenise. As you’ve seen from our items, we make coasters. We have some of the fairly standard finished hardwood variety, but we also do some fun stained items in lots of funky colors.

We also have a couple of different cutting board varieties. Check those out here.

All of our items have one thing in common.

Everything is handmade.

By us.

We take great pride in working to make an authentic, hand-crafted product, and we hope you love it.

There will be some product additions down the line (we have some really cute tea boxes that we can’t wait to share with you all!), as well as contests and giveaways (we love giving out free stuff, folks) so be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on social media. 

After all of the hard work, we finally get to do some fun stuff....We're excited!

AnthonyDenise LLC
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